Liga Moçambicana dos Direitos Humanos (LDH)

The Mozambique Human Rights League promotes and defends human rights in Mozambique. LDH is a socio-humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organisation that aims to defend and promote the fundamental human rights

The Mozambican Human Rights League (LDH) was created to promote and defend human rights in Mozambique. LDH promotes human rights through Advocacy, Civic Education, Monitoring, Pressure and Legal Assistance where there is institutional vacuum. The goal of LDH is to contribute to greater adherence and respect for human rights in the country, by state institutions and civil society.

Among its offices, LDH has a Legal Assistance Office which deals with providing legal assistance to people who, for lack of resources, are unable to hire services of a lawyer.

LDH also has an Office of Legal Reform and Monitoring of Prisons which aims to monitor the situation of prisons and prisoners, propose institutional reforms in legislation on prisons and participate in training of staff working in prisons. The staff of the Office of Legal Reform and Monitoring Prison works directly with research and the preparation of the annual report on human rights in Mozambique. The office performs the following activities:

  • Prepares periodic reports and updates on the current legislative framework on Human Rights 
  • Conducts workshops for submitting reports on the legislative framework on Human Rights in Mozambique 
  • Participates in discussions on the incorporation of international instruments in the Mozambican legal system 
  • Makes visits to prisons 
  • Prepares Annual Reports on Human Rights 
  • Holds events presenting the annual National Report of Human Rights.

LDH has headquarters in the city of Maputo with offices in the Centre  and the North, and a sub-delegation in Zambezia. It has centres in all provinces and paralegals in some districts.


LDH Office of Legal Reform and Prisons’ Monitoring

412, Paiva Couceiro St, 2nd Floor
Bairro da Malanga

Telephone: + 258 21 401464


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