Illegal immigrants die in Gabon detention

Agence France Press (AFP) reports that three illegal immigrants died in detention, possibly of cholera, after being expelled from an illegal gold mine.

AFP reports that the Health Minister said ten illegal immigrants were brought from detention to a health centre at Bitam close to the border with Cameroon. One was already dead and two others, from Mali and Guinea, died soon after arrival.

AFP quotes the minister as saying "Contrary to certain claims of mistreatment, abuse or torture, it is more likely a case of public health."

The detentions were part of a mass expulsion of illegal immigrants at an irregular gold panning site at Minkebe National Park in northern Gabon this month, AFP reports another Gabon government official as saying.

Burkina Faso national Fulbert Yougbari told AFP by telephone from Bitam that he was among a group kept in a crowded cell in which two people died.

"When we asked for water, they beat us. This morning they took two out two bodies," he said.

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