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CSPRI Newsletter No. 12 - August 2005
Author: hannes
Published: Aug 26, 2005

In this issue: Interview with Dennis Bloem MP, Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services; Members of the Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services and their contact details; South African prison at a glance

CSPRI Newsletter No. 11 - June 2005
Author: hannes
Published: Jun 01, 2005

In this issue: Lukas Muntingh talks about the CSPRI project moving over to the Community Law Centre, UWC; Amanda Dissel (CSVR) writes on an intergrated approach to offender reintegration; Frikkie Venter (Mangaung Correctional Centre) touches on the human impact in prisons with regards to HIV/AIDS; Stats in brief

CSPRI Newsletter No. 10 - April 2005
Author: hannes
Published: Apr 26, 2005

Articles available for download are: Prison reform in Africa: recent trends by Makubetse Sekhonyane (senior researcher for the Crime & Justice Programme, Institute fro Security Studies); The quanitative impact of Minister of Home Affairs v Nicro (Constitutional Court case where the Electoral Laws Amendment Act was declared unconstitutional); South African prisons at a glance, from February 2004 to November 2004.

CSPRI Newsletter No. 9 - February 2005
Author: hannes
Published: Feb 26, 2005

In this issue: Women and Prisons in South Africa by Prof. Julia Sloth-Nielsen (this article is based on a survey examining the situation of women in South African prisons); South African Prisons at a glance, from February 2004 to October 2004; Farewell to Ahmed Othmani: a passionate defender of human dignity

CSPRI Newsletter No. 7 - October 2004
Author: hannes
Published: Oct 26, 2004

This issue consists of the following articles: Review of the Correctional Services Budget 2004/5 to 2006/7, written by Lukas Muntingh; Milestones reached for the establishment of a human rights basis for corrections, written by Prof. Julia Sloth-Nielsen (published in the Mail and Guardian, 10-17 September 2004; SA Prisons at a glance (February 2004 to May 2004)

CSPRI Newsletter No. 6 - June 2004
Author: hannes
Published: Jun 26, 2004

In this issue: Prof. Julia Sloth-Nielsen writes about Parole and the separation of powers: the implications of S v Botha (Case no 318/03)

CSPRI Newsletter No. 5 - February 2004
Author: hannes
Published: Feb 01, 2004

In this issue: The Prison Report by the Law Society of South Africa, as well as upcoming events, and the SA prisons at a glance.

CSPRI Newsletter No. 3 - December 2003
Author: hannes
Published: Dec 26, 2003

In this issue: A brief overview of South African prisons; The Constitutional Court's decision on the right of prisoners to vote.

CSPRI Newsletter No. 4 - October 2003
Author: hannes
Published: Oct 26, 2003

In this Issue: Draft discussion document towards a Green Paper on Correctional Services in South Africa; Reintegration in South African Corrections

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